DJ DeAndre offers new ideas to an old industry.

The Wedding Industry is a 20 billion dollar a year industry in the United States and it is about to explode as the millennial generation begin to tie the knot in unprecedented numbers. For many vendors this means big business and lots of sales, but for some this means many changes need to be made in order to compete. The Wedding Industry is not a new one, but with the increase of technology and the way that millennial brides shop; wedding vendors need to find new ways of offering their services that brides feel comfortable with.


We have searched the Atlanta area for event DJs that have adjusted their old models to accommodate new brides. We have found DeAndre Smith perhaps better known as “DJ Tronic” to the locals, a veteran Atlanta Event DJ who understands the importance of creating a brand and standing out. There are a few things that this professional is doing a little different that has caught the eye of National Wedding DJ Franchise “DJ Jason & Associates”. DeAndre was officially added to the roster in 2016 and currently heads up the Atlanta DJ office for the company. One thing that makes DJ DeAndre stand out from most other working DJs is his presentation. In a visual world where first impressions are worth more than gold, DeAndre has learned the importance of offering a visually stimulating performance. Whereas in the past most Event DJs have focused entirely on sound, the new generation of wedding and event DJs have understood the importance of the lighting and the visual presentation element.


The use of room up lighting, light-up Dj booth, smart lights, and lasers are now a crucial part of making each event special. The days of Wedding DJs showing up with a black-clothed table with a mixer on top are over. The new brides expect a lot more and want their wedding to look elegant and modern. This concept of lighting and visual presentation is not new, but perhaps it is in relation to the traditional mindset of this old industry. There are many Atlanta Wedding DJs out there, but not all of them understand what brides really want.

DeAndre Smith is just one of many Atlanta DJs that has embraced this new approach to the wedding and event industry. He has realized the importance of this concept and is now cashing in. With his wedding bookings on the rise for 2017 and hos new relationship with DJ Jason & Associates one thing is for sure; DJ DeAndre will be doing this a long time and will be making the millennial brides very happy in the process.

For more information on DJ Jason & Associates click here.

Thanks again for reading & God Bless!


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